Project Closeout Checklist


The purpose of the Project Closeout Checklist is to ensure all administrative and wrap up activities are completed while providing guidance to the project teams on how to complete those tasks. Each checklist should be a living document that is created at the beginning of a project and updated as the engagement evolves.


The Delivery Manager will own the creation of the Project Closeout Checklist. Each project team member should be familiar with the document and provide updates as new project details are understood. Should no Delivery Manager be staffed on the project, the Client Engagement Manager will be responsible for determining the owner of this document, and that decision should be captured in a project decision record, the project README, and/or the project’s responsibility matrix.


  • Create a project-specific Project Closeout Checklist at the beginning of a project. Doing so at the start helps to capture information as it is learned rather than scrambling at the end of a project to track all of the potential actions.
  • Update the checklist in parallel with the Project Start Checklist. Many activities that start at the beginning of an engagement need a corresponding ending task. For example, remove the project from the Prac rotation.
  • Capture contract-specific requirements including code submission and asset destruction. 
  • Regularly review the checklist to capture changes, services, or other actions that need to be performed at the end of the contract.


Template: Project Closeout Checklist (MAKE A COPY)